Medicine & Health supports students with a range of mentoring opportunities. Whether you need assistance with Higher Degree Research (HDR) support, want to become job-ready or become a mentee and guide others through their study, our mentoring programs ensure student success.

The Career Ready Mentoring Program connects students in their penultimate and final year of study with established industry professionals, providing students with a significant opportunity to focus on career development during the transition from study to work.
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Medicine & Health provides a peer mentoring program to support first-year Higher Degree Research candidates from their first steps in the candidature to confirmation review. Whether you’re a mentor or a mentee, learn how our mentoring program can benefit you.
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The Clinical Mentoring Scheme connects students in their clinical years with a broad range of clinicians. With the support of their mentor, students develop goals and career-ready skills, plus gain valuable insights into hospital medical practice and other settings.
Choose a peer mentoring program to connect with a student mentor from your study area and learn more about transitioning into your studies.