Collaborate with us

Students from our health professional programs learning in  Medicine & Health’s facilities

We want to transform the way research improves patient care through strong collaboration, inclusive thinking and a commitment to patients are people first. Collaborate with us and play a significant role in meeting the health needs of our community. 

Sydney has a strong reputation for research excellence. Through this excellence, we continue to increase our research contribution both regionally and globally. Become part of the team and play a key role in the future of health. Find a researcher for collaboration opportunities.
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Our research themes

Medicine & Health research themes are built around our strengths and target critical areas where our work will have an impact on health and wellbeing for all people.

Our partnerships

With an expanding array of organisations partnering and forming connections in health systems, education and communities across , we’re working to unleash the impact of our research to solve complex health challenges with a relentless focus on the greater good.

Our precincts

To align with medical health and delivery, our precincts combine teaching, research, and clinical activities. By bringing together multidisciplinary teams and individuals, we’re able to make tangible contributions to healthcare.

Participate in a research group or clinical trial

Medicine & Health offers an array of opportunities for general consumers to participate in research studies, clinical trials and patient simulations.

Education partnerships

By translating discoveries into improved healthcare, our education partnerships improve health and welfare. By working together, we aim to understand and solve the world’s biggest healthcare challenges.