Cardiac, Vascular & Metabolic Medicine

Pioneering solutions for cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndromes.

Arteriography, Radiographic examination of blood vessels using a contrast dye injected into the arteries, created with Generative AI

Our vision is to ease the significant burden of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases within Australia and beyond.

We’re working towards a deeper understanding, early detection and prevention of the collective major cause of death and disability in Australia: cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndromes and diseases. 

Heart disease, stroke, and the complications from diabetes and kidney disease affect all in our community—from children with congenital heart defects to myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, renal failure, heart failure and arrhythmias in the elderly. 

The development of these disease patterns varies geographically, which means they are influenced beyond genetics by an intricate interplay of environmental, socio-demographic and behavioural factors. 

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