Our partnerships

Students learning in the Medicine & Health facilities at the  Kensington campus

One of our great strengths at Medicine & Health is our partnerships, combining our strengths with our partners across disciplines and across the world.

To truly make an impact, we cannot act alone. We're at our strongest and most impactful when we join forces with others; when we include our partners (community, MRIs, industry and government) and their perspectives from the start. We're determined to forge partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure better health for all. Because when we all work together, Medicine & Health is a force to be reckoned with.

Aligning to our Health Precincts

Medicine & Health are key partners in Health Precincts to improve healthcare, innovation, education and research. We have aligned the structure of our faculty to our Health Precincts with the creation of the School of Clinical Medicine and Clinical Campuses directly linked to the locations of our Health Precinct Partners. This enables us to work more closely with our health partners on a daily basis to improve the health of the communities we all serve.

Industry Engagement

We leverage partnerships with industry to amplify our impact. We're committed to developing innovative collaborations with industry in a way that leverages the power of the private sector to improve health.

We embrace co-location with industry in our health precincts.

Other Partnerships

We partner with government, health services and other health leaders to advocate for and deliver evidence-informed health policies and policy translation. We are particularly focused on addressing the health needs of our underserved communities.