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Whether you're looking to specialise in your field or pursue a new path, our range of postgraduate programs will help you achieve your career goals.

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Our postgraduate programs will equip you with the knowledge, practical experience and connections you need to make an impact.

From chronic disease, pandemics and ageing populations to system inequities, funding shortfalls and workforce shortages - the challenges facing the healthcare industry are broad and complex. Our innovative healthcare community is tackling some of the world's biggest health challenges and translating discoveries into breakthrough cures, treatments, policies and public health interventions. We'll empower you to become a leader in your field, driving improvements in healthcare systems, services and patient outcomes. 

Our postgraduate programs 

Explore our wide range of master's degrees, graduate diplomas and graduate certificates – all of which are designed to accelerate your career growth or help you transition to a new career path. 


We provide a variety of scholarships, prizes and awards to support you on your path to success at university. We offer scholarships for domestic and international students, including future and current students. There are faculty and university-wide scholarships and awards available across our range of postgraduate programs. 

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Whether it’s understanding new diseases, delivering the latest cancer treatments or streamlining our healthcare system, our research is delivering real-world impact.