Students learning in the Medicine & Health facilities at the  Kensington campus

’s Medicine & Health research directly changes health policy and practice to meaningfully improve health and wellbeing through collaboration and engagement.

Our research is striking in terms of its impact and breadth. Our point of difference is understanding the fundamental mechanisms and drivers of poor health, particularly in marginalised and underrepresented communities. Through our research, we've been able to directly influence health policy and practice, as well as improve health and wellbeing. It's our commitment to collaboration, excellence, community engagement, and impact that drives our research.

Our core research excellence is organised by themes designed to deliver meaningful impact—they're areas where we excel in advancing medicine and health, not only eliminating health disparities but also fostering social wellbeing. We make a difference in everyday lives affected by:

  • Cancer
  • Infectious Disease, Immunity and Inflammation
  • Neuroscience, Mental Health and Addiction
  • Cardiac, Vascular and Metabolic Medicine
  • Health Systems

Our research also excels in genomics and genetics, data analytics, information and medical technologies.

We develop innovative approaches to broader engagement in research practices that generate change including strengthening our biomedical and molecular sciences, developing greater connections to allied health disciplines, engaging in population health research that addresses greatest need.

Clinical Research Unit 

The clinical research unit is a newly established initiative as part of the Health 25 Strategy, which works in partnership with existing services within Medicine & Health faculty and its affiliated networks.

As a growing group of academics and operational professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the planning and conduct of human research, we provide academic researchers with the crucial support required to plan and execute impactful clinical trials and research studies.

Ultimately, our core service is to facilitate researchers with a personalised partnership to ensure proficiency in the conduct of high-quality, ethical, and compliant clinical research that contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge and the improvement of patient care through evidence-based research.

Our Uniquely Tailored Approach

Inaugural Operations Director, Dr Parisa Glass leads our experienced team of experts in their respective fields. Focussed on providing a collaborative strategy that utilises the sharing of knowledge, efficacy and ongoing support, we assist you each step of the way, from pre-grant submission to setup and conduct of your clinical research.

We believe that there is strength and power in the sharing of knowledge to create transformative world class healthcare. Our offerings actively support, connect and enable our community of clinical researchers to access expertise every step of the way. We understand that what we do is an opportunity to partner with the future health gamechangers, so that together we actively contribute to the future of medicine through transformative clinical research.

Training & Knowledge Exchange 

The unit is committed to supporting and its affiliates with workforce planning and development through the provision of a comprehensive suite of internal and external opportunities including training courses, mentoring, and community networking platforms. Designed to support the continual learning, translation and exchange of ideas and knowledge, this in turn, improves research quality and impact. 

Areas of Focus

We partner with collaborative groups and provide a platform of pre and post award services to strengthen your studies.

Leverage our rich ecosystem of infrastructure and expertise across these core areas:

•         Research design and statistics

•         Protocol feasibility and development

•         Budget development

•         Ethics and regulatory requirements

•         Legal advice for contract execution

•         Quality and Risk Management

•         Safety Management

•         Data Management solutions

•         Health Economics

•         Training and Development

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Health Systems Research

Our new Health Systems Research Theme’s mission is to develop and implement high-quality evidence to improve individual and population health for Australians and the global community, regardless of socioeconomic position. Its aims are to identify and respond to significant challenges that will improve the quality, efficiency, equity and value of health care; and to develop, implement and evaluate responses to these challenges. This Theme is led by Professor of Health Systems Sallie Pearson, a pharmacoepidemiologist and health service researcher with 20 years’ experience in quality use of medicines research.

We are also creating a new Centre for Future Health Systems with the support of a multi-million-dollar grant from the Ian Potter Foundation.  The Centre will lead to transformational change of the Australian health system which is still stuck with historical and often out-dated practices. We want our health system to better serve Australian communities in the 21st century. It’s a complex undertaking that requires an interdisciplinary approach which includes the health sector as well as experts in law, business, education, economics, engineering and data.

The new Centre will see collaborate with clinicians, local health districts, industry, government, academic institutions and, importantly, the Australian community. It will identify key areas of reform to design and deliver solutions that will improve the performance of all aspects of the national healthcare system. The focus of the Centre will include everything from hospital payment systems and clinician training to the swift and efficient delivery of new therapeutics and treatments.