Find╠řsolutions╠řto╠řproblems╠řthat╠řbenefit╠řbusiness &╠řcommunity

At╠ř┴˝┴ź╣┘═° Canberra, weÔÇÖre committed to transforming world-class╠řresearch╠řinto innovations that improve lives and tackle some of the greatest challenges facing society today.╠ř╠ř

The╠řProfessional Doctorate╠řprogram combines╠řdoctoral research╠řand╠řcoursework components╠řwith╠řprofessional╠řpractice and╠řis designed to meet the needs of industry and professional groups.╠řThrough╠řworkplace-based╠řprojects,╠řyou will╠řgenerate╠řand╠řanalyse╠řevidence to address real-world╠řproblems╠řand╠řproduce╠řa╠řthesis that reflects╠řapplied investigation,╠řproblem-solving,╠řand╠řoriginal╠řresearch.╠ř╠ř

This degree is multi-disciplinary and linked to the fulfilment of self-directed career development╠řand╠řlife-long,╠řpersonalised╠řlearning.╠řYou'll collaborate with industry, government, and community partners to╠řfind innovative solutions that benefit business and community at a local, national, and global level.╠ř╠ř

Our state-of-the-art facilities and superior partnerships, together with the strength of╠řour╠řresearch╠řfocused community╠řcreate╠řexceptional career development opportunities for╠řhigher degree research (HDR) students╠řby developing the capacity of individuals to lead the╠řdevelopment of knowledge in their professional contexts.╠ř

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Explore our available╠řProfessional Doctorate╠řopenings and be inspired to join a diverse group of scholars and╠řresearch students╠řmaking positive impacts worldwide.╠ř

Please note: academic credits from previous study do not apply for Master of Philosophy and Professional Doctorate programs.

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