Employee support & entitlements

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Support & care for our employees

We value our people and are committed to helping our employees realise their potential. We provide a range of support services and professional development opportunities to new and existing employees so they can achieve their best at work and in life. We offer generous leave provisions, competitive salary rates, salary packaging options and flexible working arrangements to help enhance your career at Canberra.

Employee Assistance Program

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time employee, you and your immediate family members can access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) free of charge. We provide this independent and confidential counselling service to help you manage work and life experiences, issues or concerns.

Work, health & safety

We are dedicated to the health and safety of everyone on our campus. Our aim is “Harm to Zero”, with the expectation that no person shall come to any harm while working, studying or visiting us.

We put people at the centre of everything we do. The values that support us to achieve “Harm to Zero” are:

  • Everyone has a responsibility for safety; their own and that of others.
  • Injuries can be prevented and an incident-free working and learning environment is actively pursued.
  • Communication and consultation are central to working together for a safer workplace.

For further information contact:

Canberra Health & Safety Unit
Phone: 02 6268 8713

Relocation assistance

At Canberra we are committed to attracting and retaining high-quality staff.To achieve this, we search forourcandidates widely. Whenwe offerinterstate and internationalcandidates a position, they may be eligible for relocation assistance. This helps ensure the journey to the nation’s capital is as smooth as possible.

We offer this assistance to new appointees, includingcurrent staff in Sydneywhoneedto relocate.


Canberraemployees are entitled togenerous leaveincluding annual, long-service,sick,study,maternity, adoption, foster parent, partner,grandparentand carers leave.

Additionalinformation about leave entitlements can be found in the:


We close over the Christmas/New Year holiday for a specified periodthat isreviewed each year.Thethreeworking days between Christmas and New Year are granted to staff at the discretion of as ‘university holidays’ with pay.

Salaries& financial benefits

Our academic and professional staff receivecompetitive salaries,paid every second Thursday.We offer our professional staff 35 hour working weeks.

There are also anumberof waystorestructure the way you receive your salary to suit your individual needs and maximise yourtake home pay.

Training opportunities

Canberra provides staff with the followingtraining and development opportunities:

  • supporting stafftoplan and develop their careers
  • providing access touniquetrainingcourses
  • addressing the development needs of managers and academic leaders
  • providing opportunities for staff to collaborate, networkand learn from one another.

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