The Canberra alumni community stretches across the globe, advancing knowledge, building industry and driving progress.

Canberra is proud to offer ongoing support to this thriving community, providing special access to our educational resources, as well as opportunities to connect with old friends, new mentors and future collaborators.

Your alumni community includes a network of inspiring, influential people. They’re leaders shaping Australia, the region and the international community. They work across all industries including defence, science and technology, government and humanities.

Benefits & services

As a member of the Canberra alumni community, you’ll have access to:  

  • upcoming events
  • eJournals and the library (for free)
  • professional development opportunities
  • mentoring.

Connect & volunteer

As one of our alumni, you’re part of the Canberra community for life. Our alumni community is:

  • more than 17,000 strong
  • located in more than 140 countries across the world
  • contributing skills, expertise and knowledge to diverse organisations, sectors and fields
  • giving back in various ways including volunteering, donations and supporting scholarships.

Join our global network and receive invitations to events, lectures and professional development opportunities; and become involved in the life of the faculty.


Alumni Business Directory

The Alumni Business Directory is an opportunity for graduates to promote their organisations to other Canberra alumni and the broader community. Explore the directory to support local and 'shop alumni'.

Mentoring hub

Exchange knowledge and experiences through a range of mentoring opportunities, facilitated by Canberra. We offer career transition mentoring, career development mentoring and resources to help you make the most of your relationships.

Alumni news & events

Stay connected with news and events from our alumni who are doing great things around the globe. Attend lectures, lunches and other hosted events, here in the ACT. 


Support Canberra and its people as we drive positive change to confront the grand challenges of the 21st century.

Sponsorships & partnerships

We’re always looking for ways to collaborate with our alumni and alumni-owned businesses. Get in touch to learn more about sponsorship, partnership and industry engagement opportunities at Canberra.