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State & national sources

Australian states gifted policies

Assessment & identification of giftedness




  • Gifted Families Support Group (NSW)
  • GLD Australia Support Group

Social & emotional development

How to advocate for your child at school

Top 20 principles from psychology for pre K-12 teaching & learning

Our Gifted and Talented Education Kit for Teachers was developed by GERRIC with the DEEWR in 2004. Despite its age, this free resource is still requested by teachers looking to conduct self-paced online learning to further understand and assist gifted and talented students in their classroom. 

Professional development package

Gifted and talented services

GERRIC have compiled a list of gifted and talented services to assist parents and teachers in catering for gifted students. GERRIC and School of Education do not officially endorse these services, but encourage parents and teachers to use this list as a springboard for their own research and investigations.

Professional development package for teachers

This free education kit for teachers is an incredible resource to teachers who want to make their classrooms exciting and stimulating places for gifted and talented students.