Engagement & impact

Delivering innovative ideas and benefits to the education sector.

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Researchers within ’s School of Education help shape education policy with evidence-based research that enhances the experience of students and teachers, while engaging with the wider community.

Here’s a small sample of the high-impact work we undertake.

Matraville Education Partnership

The Matraville Education Partnership is an ongoing initiative between School of Education, Matraville Sports High School and the broader Little Bay Community of Schools. Academics and students from work with Matraville students, teachers and the wider public to deliver a suite of educational opportunities that support the aspirations of the school and its community. 


Indigenous education

A priority for the School of Education is to empower Indigenous students to reach their potential in the classroom and provide a culturally sensitive teaching of Indigenous knowledge and histories to all students. We provide specialised courses in Indigenous education and the integration of Indigenous perspectives across all our programs, as well as extensive research and professional development opportunities.



School of Education has both a direct and indirect impact on the educational system and community through its diverse research strengths that explore theories, ideas and knowledge that advance teaching practice and policy across the globe. Led by an internationally acclaimed research team, our exceptional researchers are actively engaged in many high-impact projects in the education system in Australia and abroad.