Our research seeks to provide immediate benefits for our teacher colleagues and ultimately, their students, by combining research, policy and practices that are effective in improving teacher education and development. students by combining research, policy , and practices that effectively improve teacher education and development. We also move beyond the improvement paradigm to engage in debates about theory and practice in curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and evaluation.

This research strength has a dedicated community in the Teacher Education and Development Research Group that works with and alongside aspiring and current teachers, teacher educators, leaders in school and system leaders, and the university, to support the professional preparation and continuing development of the teaching workforce across curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and evaluation. The group fosters partnerships and collaboration between researchers, practitioners, and key stakeholders while working on critical issues in teacher education and development in curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and evaluation that are , and evaluation that are at the forefront of state, national and international policy agendas.

Research aim

Education, in Australia and internationally, over the past decade has been strongly influenced by a focus on issues of quality.╠řThe╠řquality of both teachers and teacher education programs haves come under╠řincreased╠řscrutiny, influenced by╠řa range of agendas.╠řThese╠řagendas╠řhighlight╠řevidence of links between student learning and achievement and the quality of both teachers and teacher education.╠řMany╠řresearchers╠řsee╠řpreparation of new teachers entering the current teaching force and╠řcontinuous╠řteacher professional development at all career stages╠řas╠řkeys╠řto educational improvement.╠ř

Our overarching aims are to:╠ř

  • Develop an understanding of the processes and outcomes of teacher education and learning across career stages in Australia and internationally╠ř
  • Foster the integration of theory, research, and practice at all stages of teachersÔÇÖ professional learning
  • Critically evaluate the nexus between initial and continuing teacher education and global, national,╠řand╠řstate educational╠řpolicy and╠řreforms associated with curriculum, assessment and pedagogical practice
  • Advance the theorisation and practical application of assessment to support learning and teaching
  • Investigate how teachers may design motivationally relevant classrooms through the implementation of autonomy-supportive practices, research from cognitive science, and educational psychology.

Themes and signature projects

Our research themes span primary, secondary and higher education contexts.╠řWe research, teach╠řand advocate the critical issues associated with teachersÔÇÖ learning in their teacher education programs╠řand beyond╠řand examine how these issues manifest in their further learning and professional development.╠řOur research builds evidence-based knowledge of effective practice and identifies solutions that improve the quality of teacher learning across career stages.

Our research group conducts high quality, high impact research╠řwith╠řknowledge╠řtranslation in the areas of:

  • Quality teacher education and professional development
  • Comparative education╠ř╠ř
  • Ěí╗ň│▄│Ž▓╣│┘ż▒┤ă▓ď▓╣▒˘╠ř░¨▒­┤┌┤ă░¨│ż
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment
  • Pre-service teacher (training on Artificial Intelligence (AI) literacy.
  • Supporting creative process across curriculum subjects in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment
  • Pre- and post-teacher training on classroom practice to support students with disabilities and high abilities
  • Pre- and post-teacher training on classroom practice to support twice-exceptional students
  • Supporting the design of motivationally-relevant classrooms for students across a range of abilities and across curriculum subjects

These themes are addressed in our current research projects which have a strong focus on supporting teachers across the continuum and exploring different teacher learning models in Australia and internationally.╠ř

Current activities

  • We currently have major research projects underway which address areas including:

    • teacher╠řselection and╠řrecruitment; retention and promotion

    • professional experience mentoring and coordination

    • online delivery of initial teacher education (MTeach╠řPrimary, ┴˝┴ź╣┘═°)╠ř

    • relationships╠řbetween teacher professional learning, discipline knowledge, curriculum imperatives and teaching practice

    • teacher readiness for curriculum changes.

    • teacher leadership competence╠ř

    • sustainable school-university partnerships╠ř╠ř


    These projects support us to generate research that informs our teaching in initial teacher education and postgraduate programs in the╠ř┴˝┴ź╣┘═°╠řSchool of Education.╠řThis research-informed approach to teacher education╠řand development╠řprovides immediate benefit to schools, school systems, universities and providers of teacher education at international, state, and national levels.

    • Developing mentorsÔÇÖ standardÔÇ»(led by╠ř, Dr Neville Ellis,╠ř)ÔÇ»

    • Beginning teachersÔÇÖ professional learning needsÔÇ»(led by Dr Hoa Nguyen,╠ř, Dr Neville Ellis)ÔÇ»

    • TeachersÔÇÖ professional learning across two countries: Australia and Canada (led by Dr Hoa Nguyen and╠ř)

    • Teacher SelectionÔÇ»and Recruitment:╠řFunded partnership project╠řon teacher success╠řwith╠řNSWÔÇ»Department of Education╠řHuman Resources╠řled byÔÇ»Dr Tracy Durksen╠ř╠ř

    • International╠řcollaboration with the╠ř╠řled╠řby╠řProfessor Robert╠řKlassen (University of York, UK)

    • NSW DoE Teaching and assessing students' critical and creative thinking skills in Visual Arts Years 7-10, Creative Innovation Grant, Learning and Teaching Directorate (Led by╠ř╠ř& Dulwich Hill Visual Arts High School)

    • Med (CW╠řand PL) Mapping teachersÔÇÖ critical and creative thinking skills in collaborative interpretations of contemporary artworks: Implications for curriculum and╠řteaching in the Visual Arts╠řclassroom╠ř(Led by Dr Karen Maras)

    • Development of a Data Literacy Tool for Improved Student Outcomes╠ř(led by Dennis Alonzo, Kim Beswick & Jihyun Lee)╠ř

    • Developing Content-Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) teachersÔÇÖ professional learning╠ř(Led by╠ř,╠ř,╠ř,╠ř, Dr╠řLisa Gilanyi, Dr Hang Nguyen, Trang╠ř Hoang.

    • Early Career Teacher Mentoring Project,╠ř(Funded project by╠řMatraville╠řSports╠řHigh School,╠řLed by Dr Karen Maras)

    • Digitalisation of professional learning: Development and application of mobile app to enhance teachers' self-efficacy in implementing the Philippine Department of Education developmental framework during COVID-19 pandemic. Funded by Australia Awards and Alumni Engagement Program ÔÇô Philippines. Led by╠ř.,╠řQuimno, V.,╠řBayangos, M.,╠řLacia, M., &╠řObierna. International critical friends, Tony Loughland, Rebecca Collie, Hoa Nguyen & Tracy Durksen.

    • MAP-IT:╠řMapping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Priority concepts ÔÇô In-school Teacher Professional Learning Program.╠řAn initiative of the Cultural╠řResidents Project with╠ř, Aunty Maxine Ryan, Dr Rose Amazan,╠řDr Tracy╠řDurksen,╠řand Katherine Thompson.╠ř

    • Community Resilience: The Social Nature of Resilience and Adaptability Among Teachers and Nurses. Led by╠řDr Lynn Sheridan and colleagues (University of Wollongong) with╠ř┴˝┴ź╣┘═° co-investigators╠řDr Tracy Durksen,╠řDr Hoa Nguyen and Dr Dennis Alonzo.

Who we are

    • Dr Neville Ellis
    • Dr Emily Edwards
    • Dr Christine Grima-Farrell
    • Dr╠řLisa Gilanyi
    • Dr╠řKeiko Bostwick
    • Dr Ha Ngo
    • Dr Luan Nguyen╠ř
    • Dr Tra Do

    • Cynthia Wearne, NSW Department of Education╠ř
    • Associate Dean (Research)WIL Academic Director, Faculty of Arts, CSU
    • Dr Lan anh Tran, Vietnam National University
    • Dr Nga Ngo, Phu Xuan University
    • University of Leeds
    • Associate Professor Judith Hanks, University of Leeds
    • ,
    • , Brawijaya University
    • , Universitas Negeri Malang
    • ,


    • Kelli Cato╠ř
    • Jade Rushby Scientia PhD
    • Andrew Kingsford-Smith Scientia PhD╠ř
    • Cynthia Raffe
    • Janna Tess EdD
    • Andrea De Carvalho
    • Sophie Poisel╠ř
    • Jamila Al Maawali PhD
    • Teny Aghamalian EdD
    • Kristina da Silva-Bianco PhD╠ř
    • JunjunÔÇ»Muhamad Ramdani╠ř
    • Ting Liu
    • Jiao Li
    • Jie Fan╠ř
    • Chanah╠řWainer PhD╠ř
    • Paul Howe EdD
    • Tanya KweeÔÇ»
    • Dianne Quarmby
    • Fernandita Gusweni Jayanti╠ř
    • Nicole Luk
    • Daniel Witanowski
    • Sarah Fleming
    • Donna Ginzburg
    • Jakki Hardman
    • Michelle Lucas
    • Jessica Slater PhD
    • Anthony Vassallo EdD
    • Manu Prassad EdD
      • Human Resources, NSW Department of Education╠ř
      • NSW Teachers Federation
      • NSW Independent Education Union
      • Teacher Selection Project (University of York, UK)╠ř
      • Selective Education Program, NSW Department of Education
      • Autism Spectrum Australia
      • Graduate Certificate of Education (TESOL)╠ř
      • MEd (Research)
      • EdD
      • PhD