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Discover our accredited and non-accredited study options for your specialised learning.

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Our professional learning programs are designed to accelerate teachers, students and parents from great to exceptional. We offer a range of courses, workshops and conferences for practising teachers to enhance their skills and we offer one of Australia's most comprehensive gifted education programs.

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School of Education is leading the way in teaching and research innovations. We’re committed to improving education through the strength of our research and global partnerships. Explore our courses:

GERRIC: gifted education

The Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC) at School of Education is at the forefront of providing gifted education in Australia.

Short teaching courses

At the School of Education, we understand your learning and professional development does not stop after you complete a bachelor or master's degree in education. Discover our wide range of professional learning courses and workshops.


We offer a way for education professionals to expand their knowledge and advance their career in less time and with increased flexibility. Explore the benefits of lifelong learning.