Invest in your future and boost your employment opportunities, all at a reduced cost.

If you’re considering postgraduate study, it could be more affordable than ever. There are now more subsidised program places available through the Australian government’s Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) scheme. This includes additional places in many programs that already have CSPs and places in eight programs that have CSPs available for the very first time. You could cultivate your thinking and get practical, hands-on skills for tomorrow’s workforce at – all at a reduced cost.

What is a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)?

A Commonwealth Supported Place is a spot ata university or higher education provider that's subsidised by the Australian Government. If you studied an undergraduate degree as a domestic student, chances are that you had one of these places. Although less common for postgraduate degrees, they’re just one of many assistance schemes offered to help you on your way to further study.

You’re eligible if you:

  • are an Australian or New Zealand citizen
  • hold an Australian permanent residency visa
  • hold an Australian permanent humanitarian visa

Students who receive a CSP don’t pay full course fees. Rather, the Australian Government pays one part and you pay the smaller ‘’ fee. This can make postgraduate study more affordable. If you choose to defer the remaining part through, you may not have any upfront course fees.

CSPs are competitive as there are limited places available. You won’t need to submit a separate application as all domestic applicants will be considered when applying for a CSP available degree through. If you’re applying through, you will need to list both the CSP and full-fee degree codes to be considered.

The following links can help you determine if your desired degree has CSP availability and whether you will need to apply via UAC. If you do need to apply via UAC, please do so as soon as you are able, as this application system is time sensitive.

What does it mean for me?

  • Receive a government subsidy for postgrad study, and reduce your education costs. You may also be able to defer upfront fees through HECS-HELP.
  • Quickly enhance your qualifications (in as little as six to eight months)
  • Update your knowledge, increase your employment opportunities to transition into a new field
  • Reduce the time it takes to complete a Master’s degree or further study.
  • Investing in yourself by pursuing a postgraduate degree can help you follow your passion or discover a new one. Postgraduate study can accelerate your career by bringing new skills, networks and more income. Furthering your studies will be a challenge, but the value is clear. Within three years of graduating, postgraduate students earn the. Gaining a postgraduate qualificationcan increase your income considerably, with the Australian median salary of $85,300 for graduates with postgraduate qualifications, compared to $62,600 for bachelor degree graduates.

  • If your degree doesn’t offer CSPs or if you don’t receive an offer for a CSP, there are other schemes available to support you. Government-supported schemes such asallow eligible domestic fee-paying students to defer part or all their tuition fees.also has several allowance schemes available to help eligible students pay for living costs.

    also support thousands of students each year to make their goals of achieving further education more attainable. Find out what scholarships you might be eligible for and make sure you check the application deadline.

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