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These accounts represent 's official presence on social media. We encourage you to engage with our content and follow us. You can also tag @unsw or #unsw to share with us! Our Social Media Terms of Service will help you get familiar with our rules of engagement with social media channels.

's vibrant social media channels serve as dynamic platforms, fostering engaging interactions and keeping the university community informed about the latest academic developments, events, and achievements.

Arts, Design & Architecture

Art, Design & Architecture showcase a diverse tapestry of creative expression, innovative designs, and architectural marvels, offering a visual journey into the vibrant world of artistic exploration and academic excellence.

Business School

Business School's social media offers a blend of industry insights, academic excellence, and student achievements, fostering an informative space for the business community to connect and stay updated.


The social media channels of Engineering feature state-of-the-art research, student initiatives and industry partnerships, forming an enriching centre for the engineering community to stay connected.

Law & Justice

Law & Justice's social media provides valuable insights into the latest legal developments and academic accomplishments. Our platforms create an informed and engaged community deeply connected to law and justice.

Medicine & Health

Medicine & Health's social media delivers updates on pioneering research and healthcare innovations. We provide a glimpse into the dynamic field of medicine, fostering a community dedicated to advancing health sciences.


Science's social media offers a dynamic mix of scientific discoveries, academic achievements, and student innovations. It's an interactive space for the science community to stay abreast of developments.


Canberra's social media channels share insights on defence and security studies, research advancements and campus activities, connecting the military and academic communities in the nation's capital.


's students social media channels engage and connect the university community by sharing campus events, student achievements and helpful resources, fostering a sense of unity and support among students.


Celebrate the achievements of graduates, share career milestones and facilitate networking opportunities with 's Alumni social media channels. It’s a vibrant online space for alumni to stay connected and contribute.

Centre for Ideas

's Centre for Ideas social media serves as a virtual forum for intellectual exploration, featuring thought-provoking discussions, interdisciplinary perspectives, and engaging dialogues that transcend boundaries and inspire critical thinking.

Other accounts

Many accounts are run by centres and institutes at . You can check if these are authentic by visiting the centre or institute's website. There are also social media channels that are managed directly by schools or smaller units - these may not necessarily be endorsed by .