Our people

The true source of our excellence.

Students and family celebrate graduation.

Our people are driven by our deep sense of purpose with an ongoing focus on the greater good addressing the complex challenges facing our society. 

Sir Fraser Stoddart is a Scottish chemist, 2016 Nobel Laureate and Professor in the School of Chemistry at . According to Sir Fraser Stoddart, the proudest accomplishments of his career have been helping more than 500 early career researchers from many different countries cultivate their independence and unique strengths.
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Academic Chairs

Our prestigious Academic Chairs deliver innovative education, cutting-edge research and global knowledge exchange. Through our Named Chairs, we also acknowledge and celebrate the generosity and vision of donors who have supported these coveted roles.
Meet our early to mid-career star academics at the forefront of research innovations and tackling complex global issues.
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The power of research is that every day you can discover something new, solve problems and push barriers using your curiosity to address some of the major health issues in the community.

Dr Angelica Merlot, 2019 NSW Young Woman of the Year, Centre for Childhood Cancer Research and Scientia Senior Lecturer 

The SHARP recruitment program targets world-class established research leaders who support ’s research quality and excellence. Meet our experts.
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Emeriti Professors

Emeriti Professors at are recognised for the contributions they have made to and the wider academic community in the advancement of knowledge. Find out more about our Emeriti.
Every year, The Founders Program supports 400 startups and projects to get their ventures off the ground. Discover more about their groundbreaking ideas here.
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Where you will always belong. Our alumni community is helping us find solutions to global problems and improving lives. Discover more, get involved, and give back.
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