Sierra Angelina Willow

Sierra Angelina Willow

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Education

ܱǰ:Iva Strnadová, Joanne Danker

Sierra Angelina Willow is a PhD student in special and inclusive education with the School of Education. Her tertiary qualifications include a Master of Education (Special and Inclusive Education), Master of Teaching (Primary), and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours). Sierra is passionate about using rigorous participatory research approaches and listening to the voices of people with disability across the lifespan, along with their teachers and families to bridge the research to practice gap in special and inclusive education. She has a background in primary school teaching and is a new parent.

Alongside her doctoral research, Sierra collaborates on various research projects. She is a Research Assistant with GeneEQUAL, an inclusive research team co-lead by Dr Elizabeth Emma Palmer and Professor Iva Strnadová. The  is focused on improving genetic health care and education for people with intellectual disability across the lifespan. Sierra is also a Research Assistant in an inclusive research team lead by Professor Strnadová, which is developing accessible versions of the Engagement and Wellbeing Survey for the Queensland Department of Education. Sierra also co-chairs the Special and Inclusive Education Research Group in the School of Education.

Co-producing a framework for multi-system self-determination development for and with children and young people with intellectual disability.

Book chapters

  • Strnadová, I., Danker, J., Dowse, L., Lenne, B., Alonzo, D., Tso, M., Loblinzk, J., & Willow, S. A. (accepted, in press). Learning environments for students with moderate and high support needs: Listening to student voices. In K. Bishop & K. Dimoulias (Eds.). Routledge Handbook of Diverse Childhoods and Their Environmental Experience. Routledge.

Peer-reviewed articles

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Research reports

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