Lyndal Tait

Professional Doctorate Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Education

ܱǰ:Tony Loughland, Hoa Nguyen

Lyndal Tait is a teacher, researcher and writer with an interest in teacher and leader development. Starting out as a composer, she grew a passion for education and community building through the arts, teaching Music and Visual Arts in schools, conducting choirs, and facilitating art engagement projects to foster wellbeing and creativity.

Lyndal has worked as an education consultant in school-community engagement, and has experience in counselling, pastoral care, and professional supervision. Lyndal is the Leader of Innovation and Research at Inaburra School, where she oversees professional learning for teachers. In addition to research projects within the school and university partnerships, Lyndal coordinates a teacher mentoring program for new teachers and a group of teacher practice coaches.

Her current doctorate explores the role of emotions in teachers’ job intentions and commitment.

The role of emotions in teacher commitment and job intentions.