Kristina da Silva-Branco

Kristina da Silva-Branco

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Education

ܱǰ:Karen Maras, Stephen Marshall

Sustainability is a massive passion of mine. I have been studying issues and topics pertaining to sustainability for about 15 years. I completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts and an Honours Bachelor in Science both with a focus on geography. I also completed a Bachelor of Education specialising in primary school education. Over the last 10 years, my focus on sustainbility has been directed at education and curriculum. I completed a Master of Education by Research which looked at how sustainability is implemented into teaching practice and now, with my PhD, I'm taking an international perspective on sustainability education and considering how this is defined and communicated within Australia, Finland and Brazil. Three distinct countries, each with different perspectives and opportunities for embedding sustainability within education policy and curriculum design.

Sustainability in international education and curricula

da Silva-Branco, K., & Woods-McConney, A. (2021). Teachers' experiences of implementing sustainability as a cross-curriculum priority in Western Australian schools. Teaching Science, 67(3), 39-50.