Evelyn Zhang

Evelyn Zhang

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Education

ܱǰ:Hoa Nguyen, Helena Granziera 

Evelyn (Yiwen) Zhang obtained her bachelor’s degree in China and achieved the degree of Master of Science in Education at the University of Pennsylvania in 2019. With diverse teaching experience in various teaching contexts, such as Chinese public middle school and American university-based language programs, her prior research focused on students, such as student engagement and classroom interaction.

After graduating, she served as a SAT/ACT teacher and program coordinator in a Chinese private school. Working closely with teachers for more than three years, she gradually paid more attention to teachers and expanded her research interest to teacher professional development. In 2023, she accepted a UIPA scholarship and commenced her PhD studies in the School of Education at Sydney supervised by Associate Professor Hoa Nguyen and Dr. Helena Granziera. Her research interests focus on teacher professional development and PhD research on teacher burnout.

  • Teacher professional development
  • Teacher burnout