Andrew Kingsford-Smith

Andrew Kingsford-Smith

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Education

ܱǰ:Tony Loughland, Rebecca Collie, Hoa Nguyen 

Andrew Kingsford-Smith is a current Scientia PhD Candidate. Andrew's research interests focus on student and teacher motivation, wellbeing, and engagement using quantitative analyses. In his Master’s at , Andrew investigated student engagement profiles and their association with student motivation and academic achievement. In his PhD at , Andrew is investigating teacher wellbeing in rural, regional, and metropolitan schools. In this research, he is using multivariate statistical analyses to examine the challenges and supports that are associated with teachers’ school experiences, wellbeing, and retention-related outcomes.

Andrew has worked on several research projects as a Research Assistant at , including the Rural & Regional Education Project. He is also a passionate teacher and has taught in schools and universities. He has experience coordinating a university unit in the Masters of Education at the University of Sydney and has also taught at . As a schoolteacher, he was worked in mainstream primary and high schools, as well as hospital schools and SSPs (Schools for Specific Purposes). Andrew has recently started implementing student support programs (both in schools and online) that use Dungeons & Dragons to support student wellbeing, engagement, and academic skills.

  • Educational psychology
  • Teacher wellbeing and motivation
  • Student motivation and engagement
  • Job demands and resources theory
  • Self-determination theory
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