Adam Bongers

Adam Bongers

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Education

ܱǰ:Richard Niesche, Naoko Mochizuki, Scott Eacott 

Adam's research connects:

  • Research and academic experience in philosophy, education, and educational administration.
  • Over 15 years' of experience in language and vocational education in Australia and Japan, including the management of educational centres and courses.

He is also a member of the International Foucault Collective for the study of Educational Leadership, Administration and Policy.

Adam takes an historical and philosophical approach to the field of educational administration (EA).

He is currently interested in the "leaderisation" of contemporary EA discourse. This refers to the construal of EA research, policy, and practice in terms of "leadership" theory.

  • Niesche, R., Mifsud, D., Bongers, A. (2024, July 5-7). Educational leadership and Michel Foucault: A scoping review of contributions and impact [Paper presentation]. British Educational Leadership, Managemement and Admistration Society (BELMAS) 2024 Annual Conference, Glasgow, Scotland. 
  • Niesche, R., Mifsud, D., Bongers, A. (2023, November 29). Michel Foucault and educational leadership: The state of the field and where to from here? [Paper presentation]. Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) 2023 Annual Conference, Melbourne, Australia. 
  • Bongers, A. (2022, December 10). A Problem of leadership [Paper presentation]. Philosophy of Education in Australasia (PESA) 50th Annual Conference, Sydney, Australia.