Kingsford Legal Centre (KLC) provides free legal advice and assistance to people who live, work or study in the Randwick and Botany Bay local government areas in NSW.

Kingsford Legal Centre can advise on matters such asdomesticviolence,credit anddebt,victim’scompensation,criminallaw,employmentlaw,discriminationlaw (anywhere within NSW),motorvehicleaccidents,consumermatters andneighbourhooddisputes.

Studentshave the opportunity towork with pro bono lawyers to devise legal advice and observe them while they deliver legal advice. Students can choose froma number ofclinic programs atas an elective.

  • Working with experienced solicitors, you'll interview clients, develop legal strategies for conducting a case, undertake legal research, write letters, prepare briefs to counsel, make submissions and instruct barristers in court. You'll work on individual client cases in domestic violence, debt or other areas of law, as well as write law reform submissions or work with community groups on local campaigns.

    The Community Law Clinic can be taken as an intensive-two days a week over 10 weeks in a term,or as a non-intensive, one day a week over 10 weeks in a single term.

  • Help real clients with their employment issues whileanalysingthe effect of the law in practice. You'll conduct interviews with clients, make strategic decisions abouttheconduct of the file, undertake research, draft all documents and, where appropriate, undertake advocacy in court or tribunals for the client. You'll alsohave the opportunity towrite law reform submissions or work with community groups on local campaigns.

    The Employment Law Clinic is only available as an intensive clinic,twodays a week over 10 weeks of the term.

  • Work with various community groups and community members focusing on issues affecting families, including family law and domestic violence. You'll develop community education materials and/or present an easy-to-understand seminar on an area of the law for community workers. You'll also deal with enquiries from the public, make referrals and work as a part of the team at Kingsford Legal Centre.

    The Family Law Community Education Clinic is a non-intensive clinic only. It runsoneday a week over 10 weeks in the term.


Clinics are open to Law& JusticeDouble Degree and Juris Doctor students who have completed all, or the majority of, the core courses and have met the course prerequisites listed in the.All KLC clinics are subject to a selection process and enrolment is by course authority.

When do the clinics run?

Clinic scheduling may be different each academic year. Please check the Handbook to view scheduled clinics or contact student services.There is an application period before each intake.

Students will be advised of any changes to the delivery mode arising from COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

How toapply

Students must apply during the application period for their applications to be considered. To view dates for the application periods, log in tousing your logindetails.

For further information go to or contact Student Services.

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