The world faces monumental challenges. It always has. But if you look around, progress is everywhere. People are coming together, imagining a better future. From public health to climate science and sustainable cities to human rights, the progress we make together can improve people's lives worldwide.

Progress is advancing healthcare for all

Progress has extended life expectancy beyond any previous generation. At , we’re focused on research and ideas that help people to not only live longer but also more healthily.

  • Heart disease remains one of the biggest health challenges facing global populations. ’s Medicine & Health teams partnered with the Victor Chang Institute and St Vincent’s Hospital to create game-changing technology called, ‘Heart in a box.’ This technology improved heart transplant success by 25%.

  • Our alumni community are using AI and big data to increase IVF success rates.

  • Our researchers .

  • Our community is combining design, science and cutting-edge technology to improve quality of life for people with dementia.

Progress is advancing clean energy for all

Progress harnesses the world’s natural resources to improve access to affordable energy for all.

  • ’s researchers have pioneered solar, developing technology now used in 90% of the world’s solar panels. Now we’re focused on .

  • Our students created the world’s fastest electric vehicle to travel 1,000km on a single charge.

  • Our researchers continue to explore new energy sources like green hydrogen and are focused on .

  • And we’re informing policy that will transition cities, to help make clean energy more accessible for everyone.

Progress is advancing equal opportunities for all

Progress is advancing equal opportunities in education, justice and living standards for all. is committed to a multi-disciplinary approach to societal challenges within Australia and Internationally.

Progress for all starts with you.

What progress will you make with ?