Our projects

Students at  Sydney Kensington campus

AKF Project

From 2014-2015, KRI@ conducted a project titled 'Towards a Better Environment for Korean Language Education in Australia: Korean at Schools'. It was funded by the Australia-Korea Foundation and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Towards a Better Environment for Korean Language Education at Australian Schools

By Gi-Hyun Shin, Kyu S Shin & Brad Wilke

Korea - A Discovery with Australian Principals Korean Studies Trip 2015

A video produced by Mark Hughes in collaboration with Bill Gillespie, Matt Hankinson, Gi-Hyun Shin & Kyu Shin

NALSSP Project

From 2009-2011, KRI@ conducted a National Asian Languages and Studies in School Program (NALSSP) project funded by the Australian Government (then the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations). The project was conducted under the Strategic Collaboration and Partnership Fund, an element of the NALSSP.