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The new Bachelor of Social Sciences will equip you with skills that impact policy, drive social change, and make a real difference to local and global communities.

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Research excellence
Top 5 rating in Excellence in Research in Australia
Investment into the future
$11 million in research funding
Renowned thought-leaders
245+ research publications

Our study areas

Development studies

We investigate some of the most critical issues of today’s world. You’ll seek solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges from urbanisation and environmental health to poverty and inequality.
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Politics & international relations

Unpack the international politics that shape our world today. We’ll provide you with the essential skill-set to become a thought leader and change maker of the future.
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Social science & policy

Study with us to inform public debate, influence policy and get the skills to make a real difference in the world. Learn how to advocate for change in areas such as disability, housing and economy.
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Social work

Make a real difference to individuals and communities at all levels of society. From counselling and advocacy to community work, you’ll learn how to make a positive impact.
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Sociology & anthropology

Explore the realities, conflicts and challenges of social life by asking the big questions: ‘What makes life meaningful?’ and ‘Why do we disagree, and why do we care?’.
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Research & impact

Engagement and impact

We make an impact on contemporary and social issues.

Research networks

Our research is recognised for its academic excellence, interdisciplinarity and social impact.

Our projects

Our skilled team of researchers is working on uncovering and finding solutions for the challenges facing society today – and in the future.

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