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More than 100,000 Arts, Design & Architecture alumni, located across 127 countries, have embarked on careers with real-world impact.

As part of this network, you have access to leadership programs, peer mentoring, start-up initiatives, lifelong learning, and an opportunity to inspire the next generation with your story.

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Unlock your leadership potential with Learn to Lead—a self-paced online course crafted exclusively for alumni. This annual short course is led by academics and alumni who excel in their fields and gives you the opportunity to continue your lifelong learning journey.

Did you graduate in the last two years? Gain access to free expert coaching through peer mentoring from our accomplished graduates and start your new career with confidence.

Would you like to give back? Mentoring can be a powerful experience.  offers a variety of mentoring programs with both online and face-to-face options to match the different needs of the alumni community.

Looking to network on a global scale? Join our community of 4,000 graduates ready and waiting to connect with you. Alumni Connect is a digital hub that facilitates 1:1 video mentoring with your alumni peers.

This is Australia’s most comprehensive university entrepreneurship program, graduating the highest number of Australian start-up founders. Whether you're new to entrepreneurship or an experienced founder, there's an initiative for you.

is committed to providing alumni with opportunities to learn, grow and enrich their professional development throughout their working lives by offering postgraduate degrees, short courses and free Journal access.

Inspiring the next generation

Celebrating 100k alumni

Explore the history, stories and community involved in Arts, Design & Architecture reaching 100,000 alumni. Hear from some of our alumni on how their time at university shaped them personally and professionally.

Lives with purpose

Discover our alumni who are pushing boundaries, tackling problems and creating lives with purpose. These alumni embody the ADA vision — through creativity, collaboration and inclusion we seek and solve problems to improve life on earth.

Be inspired by some of the tremendous achievements from our alumni community in art, culture, innovation, entrepreneurship, research, and social impact. Every year we recognise the outstanding achievements of our graduates who make a profound impact here and around the globe.

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