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Arts, Design & Architecture encompasses a rich and diverse community of researchers, educators and innovators who work together to seek and solve problems to improve the quality of life on earth.

A guest at the Massive Action Sydney Unconvention immersed in a BARC VR experience.

We engage with students, alumni, communities and partner organisations who share our passion for pushing new boundaries and celebrating differences as the path to enabling lives with purpose. We strive to advance social justice outcomes and model new global citizen frameworks through collective and creative problem solving.

We draw on our longstanding partnerships to support our students to be career ready and to collaboratively develop real-life working solutions to the world’s most urgent and complex issues.

Industry and Partnerships

Our network of education, research and industry partnerships extends across Australia and more than 30 countries globally. Collaboration with our partners provides mutual benefits, enhances our curriculum and research, and offers our students industry pathways.


Academic chairs provide thought leadership, global experience and knowledge to foster growth and innovation in their fields of expertise. They help shape education and research now and into the future.


Celebrating more than 95,000 alumni located across 120 countries, our alumni carve out remarkable careers that have real-world impact.


At Arts, Design & Architecture, we value and support students and researchers. We provide a number of scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate research candidates to make real-world change. Your support will contribute to the continued success of our programs.

Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub brings together students, staff, industry and community to solve problems in interdisciplinary ways.
Arts, Design & Architecture is committed to creating a faculty where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff feel culturally safe and supported to pursue their dreams and goals.
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